Sunday, May 22, 2016

Strawberry cake recipe.

Have you baked before?
 I haven't baked before but the my parents anniversary was coming around the corner so I had to find them a present and I decided to make a strawberry cake. But the other challenge was to find a perfect recipe. So as I was surfing thought the web pages. I came across a website that had a perfect recipe. It was a classic vanilla cake recipe.


 On the next day, I went to Publix and bought the required ingredients. It was my first time ever making a cake by myself, so I made such a mess. But in the end when the cake was baked it looked amazing. Later I had to decorate is so between the layers I put strawberries and on the pot I had symmetric circle of strawberries, I cut out numbers on two of them and put a picture of my parents since it was their anniversary cake. I really appreciate that person's recipe because I helped me out a lot.

 It helped me a lot when in one of my classes I had to make a video instruction about something that we love to do, so I made a video of the way I bake a cake, I used the recipe for baking but the decoration part was my idea, and it was from the most common type of cake in Anime. 
If you are interested in in seeing my baking and decorating videos, please scroll down and see what ever one you want.

 Picture :tumblr
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